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Advantages of Advanced Treatment Scheme for Water Reuse Equipment in Thermal Power Plant

Sep 22, 2017

What are the advantages of the deep-processing solution for water reuse equipment for thermal power plants? In order to meet the standard of reclaimed water in reclaimed water, taking into account the influence of water quality fluctuation on the effluent quality of the city, the water treatment equipment can be used in the thermal power plant to ensure the water treatment effect is safe, economical and effective. The scheme is basically lime coagulation clarification method. Lime coagulation clarification Filtration treatment Compared with the simple filtration process has the advantages of good water quality and stability of the effluent, while the adsorption oxidation and membrane treatment process, although the water quality is good, but the investment and running costs are high, in the country, with lime coagulation clarification as a power plant cycle Cooling water to add water treatment technology more and more applications, the water reuse technology in the near future will be able to get a lot of promotion and application.