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Advantages of stainless steel bag filter in practical application

Sep 22, 2017

 1, easy to manage: Bag filter with a high degree of automation, the operation can be automatically completed, the protection function is complete, good reliability, easy operation, easy to use, power outages automatically shut down, incoming calls automatically boot.

    2, energy saving: intelligent pipe network relay boost (no negative pressure) bag filter, the user in the original pipe network pressure on the basis of relay boost, such as pipe network water pressure to meet the requirements to stop the pump, make full use of water pipe network original Some pressure, superimposed supercharger, how much difference, how much to make up.

    3, save the total investment: no need to build a pool or a water tank, saving disinfection equipment, small footprint, low infrastructure costs. Bag filter set factory, the construction period is short.

    4, water-saving: the whole closed structure, put an end to the run, run, drip, drain, osmosis and other phenomena, and water pipe network directly in series, to avoid the regular cleaning tank water waste.

    5, water supply reliability: bag filter low investment, low installation costs, can save more than 50% of the total investment. Bag filter has a bypass pipe, can be directly connected to the user pipe network, if it is a power outage or maintenance equipment, tap water through the bypass pipe into the user pipe network to ensure that low-level users have water.

    6, no pollution: bag filter water by a sealed container, the container is made of food grade stainless steel, which in which the residence time is very short, fast flow, will not produce pollution, saving disinfection equipment, can be more Good to solve the problem of secondary pollution.

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