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Analysis on the working principle of fully automatic softened water equipment

Sep 22, 2017

Automatic control of the working principle of water equipment: hydraulic control valve using the kinetic energy of water flow Two sets of turbines were driven two sets of gears to promote the water dial and control panel rotation. The water plate through the flow of the water, the control panel will be the original water pressure signal through a group of holes into a group of valve room, while rotating in accordance with the rules set to open or close the pressure hole, in order to achieve integration in a group of automatic switching valve The

 Softened water equipment Water softener consists of two resin tanks (main tank and vice tank) hydraulic control valve, salt box composed of three parts, the control valve control waterway between the main tank and vice tank to switch, to ensure that there is always a tank in working condition, While the other tank is in a regenerative or standby state, and the regenerated salt is pressurized by the venturi in the valve. The regeneration and cleaning water is the softened effluent of the other tank. For different raw water hardness with different numbers of water dial to achieve the corresponding work and regeneration cycle.