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Application of Various Membrane Technology in Water Treatment(1)

Oct 08, 2017

1, positive penetration (FO) technology

    1.1 The principle of positive penetration (FO)

The solvent molecules are separated from the solvent side through the membrane into the solution side by the osmotic pressure by means of a semipermeable membrane which can only pass through the solute and can not pass through the solute molecules. This is the osmosis phenomenon. The so-called "positive penetration".

1.2 Application of forward osmotic membrane in water treatment

1.2.1 Desalination

FO for desalination is one of the most widely studied areas. Early application research is mainly seen in some patents, but these studies are largely immature, the feasibility is not high.

1.2.2 Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Early studies have reported that the FO film is used for the treatment of low concentrations of heavy metal waste water, but because of its RO (reverse osmosis) membrane pollution is serious, the flux decreases rapidly, and thus has not been carried out in depth.

1.2.3 Landfill leachate treatment

CoffinButte landfill in Corvallis, Oregon, produces (2-4) x 104m3 landfill leachate per year. To meet the water quality standards for land use, TDS of effluent must be reduced below 100mg / L.