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Application of Various Membrane Technology in Water Treatment(2)

Oct 08, 2017

2, reverse osmosis membrane technology

2.1 reverse osmosis (RO) principle

Reverse osmosis is a pressure-driven membrane separation process in use for the production of reverse osmosis water pump or saline to apply pressure to overcome the natural osmotic pressure and membrane resistance to the water through the reverse osmosis membrane, Dissolve salt or contaminated impurities in water to the other side of the reverse osmosis membrane.

2.2 Application of reverse osmosis membrane in water treatment

2.2.1 Conventional applications in water treatment

Water is an essential material condition for people to survive and produce productive activities. As the freshwater resources are increasingly scarce, the capacity of the world's reverse osmosis water treatment plants has reached millions of tons per day.

2.2.2 Application in urban sewage

At present, the application of reverse osmosis membrane in the treatment of urban sewage depth, especially the sewage treatment plant secondary effluent reuse and water reuse, has been highly valued.

2.2.3 Application in heavy metal wastewater treatment

Conventional treatment of heavy metal ion wastewater is only a type of pollution transfer, that is, the conversion of heavy metals dissolved in wastewater into precipitates or more easily handled forms, the final disposal is often carried out landfill, and heavy metals on the groundwater and surface water environment caused by two The harm of secondary pollution is still long.

2.2.4 Application in Oily Wastewater

Oily wastewater is a large amount of industrial wastewater, if directly discharged into the water, will produce oil film the surface of the water to prevent oxygen into the water, resulting in water hypoxia, biological death, stench, serious pollution of the ecological environment. Oil 3.5mg / L, total organic carbon (TOC) (16 ~ 23) mg / L oil recovery water treatment to boiler water quality and then treated water for power plant boiler feed water.