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Car tank

Apr 11, 2017

The radiator, water tank (radiator) is responsible for the cooling of the circulating waters, in order to avoid the engine overheating, the combustion chamber around parts (cylinder liner, cylinder head, valves, etc.) must be properly cooled. The automobile engine cooling device is mainly water cooling, the circulating water inside the cylinder waterway cools, the heated water in the waterway is introduced into the water tank (radiator), which is cooled by the wind and then returned to the waterway. The water tank (radiator) is also used as storage and cooling. Water tanks (radiator) of water pipes and heat sinks made of aluminum, aluminum pipes made into flat shape, the radiator ribbon corrugated, focus on the heat dissipation, installation direction perpendicular to the direction of air flow, as far as possible to minimize the wind resistance, cooling efficiency is high.