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Causes and Treatment of Ultrafiltration Membrane Pollution(1)

Sep 22, 2017

First, the analysis of ultrafiltration membrane pollution

    The pollution of the ultrafiltration membrane is mainly due to the chemical properties of the inner membrane material and the solute of the solution, and the interaction between the membrane and the solute. No matter what kind of application,

Ultrafiltration treatment of the object are mostly dissolved or colloidal state of large molecular weight organic matter,

When these substances and the synthetic organic polymer material made of ultrafiltration membrane contact, between the solute and the membrane material will have a more intense adhesion, adsorption and even the tendency to combine,

Thereby forming an adsorbed soil layer on the membrane surface, causing contamination of the film. In addition, the membrane contamination also includes the deposition of the suspended matter in the feed liquid on the membrane surface.

Once the ultrafiltration membrane is contaminated, it will cause the membrane permeate flux to fall, and the flux attenuation is usually irreversible, which will lead to ultrafiltration process can not be a long time stable operation, the impact of ultrafiltration efficiency Play.

Second, the membrane pollution control measures are:

① through the effective cleaning membrane permeability of the membrane can be restored;

② pretreatment of liquid and liquid by filtration, coagulation sedimentation and other measures;

③ increase the tangential velocity of the membrane surface, reduce the thickness of the boundary layer, improve the mass transfer coefficient;

④ choose the appropriate operating pressure, to avoid increasing the density and thickness of the sediment layer;

⑤ research and development with better anti-pollution properties of the film-making materials.

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