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Causes and Treatment of Ultrafiltration Membrane Pollution(2)

Sep 22, 2017

Third, how to choose the ultrafiltration membrane cleaning

Membrane cleaning effect Under specified operating conditions, the service life of the ultrafiltration membrane is usually 12 to 18 months. As the interaction between the solute and the ultrafiltration membrane during the ultrafiltration process, the membrane surface is formed to adsorb the deposited layer and cause the film to pollute. Therefore, the film must be cleaned regularly,

To restore and maintain the membrane permeable flux, to extend the membrane life. The cleaning method of the membrane is water cleaning, cleaning and mechanical cleaning, etc., usually according to the nature of the membrane and the treatment of liquid and membrane components to determine the form.

As the ultrafiltration process to deal with mostly macromolecules and colloidal solution, the film can easily be contaminated, ultrafiltration membrane needs regular cleaning. The formulation of the cleaning solution is generally determined by the nature of the membrane and the type of contaminant

The Such as lotion on protein, polysaccharides and colloidal pollution have a better cleaning effect; emulsified oil wastewater, such as machining enterprises of the coolant, sheep processing industry, washing wastewater, the use of surfactants and alkaline aqueous solution Membrane surface cleaning;

Latex pollution often use low molecular weight alcohol and butanone; fiber oil pollution in addition to washing with warm water, but also regular use of industrial alcohol cleaning; membrane treatment of domestic sewage often use sodium hypochlorite solution. If you have ready-made information, the cleaning formula and cleaning cycle to be determined by experiment.

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