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Characteristics, principles and standards of ultrafiltration water treatment equipment (CJ / T 170-2002)

Sep 22, 2017

The principle of ultrafiltration water treatment equipment is as follows: it is pressure-driven membrane separation process, the filter accuracy in the range of 0.005-0.01μm, can effectively remove the water particles, colloids, bacteria, heat and polymer organic matter. Can be widely used in the separation of substances, enrichment, purification. Ultrafiltration process without phase conversion, operating at room temperature, the separation of heat-sensitive substances is particularly appropriate, and has good temperature, acid and alkali and oxidation resistance, can be below 60 ℃, pH 2-11 under the conditions of long-term continuous use.

Ultrafiltration water treatment equipment has the following characteristics: A. Ultrafiltration membrane components using world famous film company products, to ensure that customers get the world's best organic film components, thus ensuring retention performance and membrane flux. B. High recovery rate of the system, the product of good quality, can achieve efficient separation of materials, purification and high concentration enrichment. C. The process has no phase change, the composition of the material without any adverse effects, and separation, purification, concentration process is always at room temperature, especially for heat-sensitive substances in the treatment, completely avoid the high temperature of the biological activity of the destruction of this Malpractice, effectively retain the raw material system of bioactive substances and nutrients. D. System low energy consumption, short production cycle, compared with the traditional process equipment, equipment operating costs low, can effectively reduce production costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. E. System process design advanced, high degree of integration, compact structure, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, workers labor intensity is low. F. system production materials using sanitary pipe valve, on-site cleaning, to meet the GMP or FDA production specifications. G. Control system can be customized according to the specific requirements of the user design, combined with advanced control software, on-site centralized monitoring of important operating parameters, to avoid manual misuse, multi-directional system to ensure long-term stable operation.

According to the principle and characteristics of ultrafiltration water treatment equipment, the following provisions shall be made for its standards:

First, the basic requirements:

1, the manufacture of ultrafiltration equipment should be consistent with the provisions of JB 2923, should be reasonable structure, weld formation; pumps, pipes, frames and other components should be installed in line with JB 2923 requirements.

2, ultrafiltration equipment selected materials and external components should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 17219.

Second, the technical indicators:

Ultra-filtration equipment, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-leakage performance should meet the design requirements.

The water production of the ultrafiltration equipment shall be greater or less than the design rating at the rated pressure (25 ° C) of the membrane element.

The interception rate of the medium in the equipment to the specified cutting molecular weight material shall meet the design rating of more than 85%.

Ultra-filtration equipment of the electric (pneumatic) system should be flexible, smooth, no jamming.

Ultra-filtration water treatment equipment, electronic control equipment should be sensitive, with automatic protection.

Equipment operating noise is not greater than 80dB.