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Classification and Application of Pure Water in Water Treatment(1)

Sep 22, 2017

What industries can pure water equipment can be used? Why do you want to use pure water equipment?

First, pure water (DIwater)

1, application: IC industry cleaning pure water, OLED cleaning ultra-pure water solar photovoltaic with ultra-pure water equipment, optoelectronic industry with ultra-pure water equipment, semiconductor industry with ultra-pure water equipment,

Single crystal silicon / polysilicon / silicon material / solar cell with ultra-pure water equipment, LCD liquid crystal display equipment, LED optical ultra-pure water equipment, glass coating supporting ultra-high water equipment,

Optical lens cleaning with ultra-pure water equipment, thin film battery polycrystalline ingot ultra-pure water equipment, EDI deionization, the industry with ultra-pure water treatment equipment.

2, Features: In the equipment design, the use of mature, reliable, advanced, highly automated two-level RO + EDI + fine mixed bed salt water treatment process,

Full film process: UF + secondary RO + EDI + polished mixed bed. Make sure that the effluent resistivity after treatment reaches 18 MΩ.CM or more. To ensure the quality of product demand!

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