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Classification and Application of Pure Water in Water Treatment(3)

Sep 23, 2017

Third, the water treatment

1, application: electroplating water reuse, electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment, printed circuit board wastewater treatment reuse, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment reuse, liquid crystal display wastewater reuse,

Food waste water treatment reuse, electronic and semiconductor wastewater reuse technology, papermaking wastewater treatment reuse, municipal wastewater treatment reuse.

2, Features: continuous microfiltration + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis membrane membrane of the membrane treatment technology to form their own unique and complete processing technology to ensure that the water quality and stability, while recycling useful metal,

For enterprises to create benefits. Fully based on customer requirements, a reasonable design. The main parts of the world famous brand products, advanced technology, reliable performance, excellent water production performance.

3, type: reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, deionized water equipment, ion exchange mixed bed equipment, used in surface treatment with deionized water equipment, PCB plating with water equipment,

Fertilizer plant production water, chemical water, daily cosmetics with pure water equipment, pharmaceutical raw materials intermediates purification separation and purification of water equipment, biological engineering with pure water equipment, metallurgical and chemical water equipment.

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