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Classification and Application of Pure Water in Water Treatment(4)

Sep 23, 2017

Fourth, well water treatment

1, Application: water turbidity equipment, river water purification equipment, groundwater, deep well water and iron removal equipment, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, disc filter,

Gravity without valve filter, perforated swirl reaction sedimentation tank. Features: At home and abroad advanced, high efficiency, scientific, low-cost process portfolio,

Mainly in order to remove iron and manganese, ammonia nitrogen, sediment, scale and other harmful substances, so that after treatment of water quality to meet national drinking water standards.

2, type: factory direct drinking water equipment, pure water, mineral water water equipment, pipeline direct drinking water system engineering,

Factory employees drinking water equipment, community building quality water supply system, reverse osmosis pure water equipment, ultrafiltration mineral water equipment, natural water production equipment.

3, the characteristics: the municipal water further to the depth of treatment in line with the national bottled drinking water quality standards of pure water, through a separate high-quality water supply pipeline system,

Transported to the household at home, or office drinking points, to provide fresh and clear, more clean, no secondary pollution of high quality pure water.