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Classification of water treatment equipment (2)

Sep 22, 2017

Third, the water treatment equipment of the water purification machine

Ultrafiltration machine is the main water purification equipment in the water treatment equipment, with high precision, good cleaning effect, filter long life, and can automatically clean the filter.

1. Water purifier principle and function: The use of 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane separation technology, can effectively remove the water sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecules and other harmful substances.

2. Water purification machine water treatment equipment Advantages Disadvantages:

Advantages: water purification equipment, water treatment equipment, high precision filtration; purified water close to mineral water, can directly drink; flow; filter long life; automatic cleaning filter; no electricity;

Disadvantages: water purification equipment, water treatment equipment to remove the scale, water alkali effect is poor, suitable for the following hardness areas; a single ultrafiltration machine can not completely remove the smell of water, water taste worse; for the core is too much trouble, can not completely remove heavy metals in water.