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Classification of water treatment equipment (3)

Sep 22, 2017

Involving the field and application industry

Electricity industry water

Thermal power, power plant, mine, medium and low pressure boiler power, water supply system

The main purpose: power plants, factories, high and low pressure boilers, air conditioning, cold storage and other recycling water. Microelectronics products with high purity water, semiconductors, graphics tubes with high water, computer circuit boards and other integrated circuit water, solar cells, dry battery water.

Chemical industry water

Chemical reaction cooling, chemical agents, chemical fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process water systems.

Main purposes: textile printing and dyeing, paper water, chemical reagents production with pure water. Skin care products with pure water, shampoo production with pure water, hair dye production with pure water. Chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, biological laboratory.

Industrial product coating water

Automotive, household appliances, building materials, surface coating, cleaning, coated glass and battery water system.

The main purpose: plating, glass coating with high purity water.

Drink industry water

Drinking pure water, natural water, beverages, low alcohol blending water, pure draft beer filter.

Main purposes: pure water, mineral water production, food, beverage production with pure water, hotels, living area.

Medical pharmaceutical industry water

Medical infusion, injections, pharmaceuticals, biochemical products, medical sterile water, artificial kidney water and hemodialysis water.

Main use: pharmaceutical, injection of water, health care products, oral liquid production, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products, biological agents, enzyme extraction, protein separation.

Public water treatment system

Sea water brackish water desalination, schools, communities, hotels, real estate property quality water supply network system.

Main use: daily water treatment works, swimming pool filtration and disinfection works, aquaculture ornamental fish water, water-saving irrigation, desert brackish water desalination system, desalination system, electroplating wastewater treatment metal recycling, domestic sewage treatment reuse, product cleaning water recovery Use of treatment, industrial wastewater treatment.