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Composition and Application of Cartridge Filter

Sep 26, 2017

Structure: from the shell, filter composition.

Filter type filter function principle: used to remove the solid impurities in the pipeline liquid; need to filter the liquid into the stainless steel filter, the liquid from the outside through the filter, the liquid solid matter will be trapped in the filter outside, after filtering Clean liquid is output from the outlet. 

Shell material: filter-type filter can be selected according to need 304 or 316L stainless steel; shell through internal and external polishing, in line with health standards. Single-core low-pressure filter can also provide plastic shell.

Filter selection: Select single and multi-core filters according to flow requirements.

Filter type: PP meltblown filter, winding filter, activated carbon filter, microporous membrane folding filter, metal filter and so on.

Filtration accuracy: 0.5 ~ 100μ; microporous membrane folding filter maximum filtration accuracy: 0.1μ.

Filter-type filter is widely used in the following industries:

Electronics industry: process with high purity water filtration

Beverage industry: pure water, alcohol, fruit juice, tea drinks, health drinks, milk and other clear filter

Petrochemical industry: chemical solution, oil field water filtration

Biopharmaceuticals: pharmaceutical water, rinse water, liquid and other filtration

Industrial civil: circulating cooling water, boiler supply water, production water, printing and dyeing textile water and waste water filtration

Oil filter: lubricants, cutting oil, paint, ink, paint, resin, coolant, detergent.

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