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Comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment technology(5)

Sep 25, 2017

1.3.3 Anaerobic - aerobic and other combination of treatment process


As the combination of aerobic treatment or anaerobic treatment alone can not meet the requirements, and anaerobic - aerobic, hydrolytic acidification - aerobic combination process in improving the biodegradability of wastewater, impact resistance, investment costs, treatment and other aspects of performance The performance of the method is obviously better than that of the single treatment method, and it has been widely used in engineering practice. Such as the use of anaerobic-aerobic process to deal with pharmaceutical wastewater, BOD5 removal rate of 98%, COD removal rate of 95%, the treatment effect is stable; the use of micro-electrolysis - anaerobic hydrolysis acidification -SBR process chemical synthesis of pharmaceutical wastewater, The results show that the whole series process has a strong impact resistance to the change of water quality and water quantity, and the COD removal rate is 86% ~ 92%, which is an ideal process choice for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater. The effluent COD was up to 300mg / L when the influent COD was about 12000mg / L, and the biofilm-SBR was used to treat the biodegradable material. The biofilm-S / O-catalyzed oxidation-contact oxidation process was used in the treatment of wastewater. The removal rate of COD can reach 87.5% ~ 98.31%, which is much higher than that of biofilm and SBR.


In addition, with the continuous development of membrane technology, membrane bioreactor (MBR) in the pharmaceutical wastewater treatment research has gradually in-depth. MBR combines the characteristics of membrane separation technology and biological treatment, with a high volume load, impact resistance, small footprint, less residual sludge and so on. The removal rate of COD was above 90% by using the anaerobic-membrane bioreactor process for the treatment of 12,000 mg / L of pharmaceutical intermediates. The removal rate of COD was above 90%. The ability of using specific bacteria to degrade specific organic matter was the first time. The bioreactor was treated with industrial wastewater containing 3,4-dichloroaniline, HRT was 2h, and the removal rate was 99%, and the ideal treatment effect was obtained. Although there are still problems in membrane fouling, with the continuous development of membrane technology, MBR will be more widely used in the field of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.


Treatment Technology and Selection of Pharmaceutical Wastewater


Pharmaceutical wastewater quality characteristics make the majority of pharmaceutical wastewater alone biochemical treatment can not meet the standard, so the biochemical treatment must be necessary before the pretreatment. Generally, a regulating tank should be set to adjust the water quality and pH, and according to the actual situation, a kind of chemical or chemical method should be used as the pretreatment process to reduce the SS, salinity and some COD in the water, reduce the biological inhibitory substances in the wastewater Improve the degradation of wastewater, in order to facilitate the subsequent biochemical treatment of wastewater.


Pre-treated wastewater can be selected according to its water quality characteristics of an anaerobic and aerobic process for treatment, if the water requirements are higher, aerobic treatment process needs to continue after the post-processing. The choice of specific technology should take into account the nature of the wastewater, the treatment effect of the process, infrastructure investment and operation and maintenance and other factors, so that the technology is feasible and economical and reasonable. The overall process route is pretreatment - anaerobic - aerobic - (post-treatment) combination process. The combination of hydrolysis and adsorption - contact oxidation - filtration combined process with artificial insulin and other integrated pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, water treatment after treatment is better than GB8978-1996 a standard. Air Float - Water


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