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Correct method to install ro reverse osmosis membrane shell?

Sep 22, 2017

Specific steps:

1. Carefully read the installation of the shell of the engineering drawings, clear the key dimensions and technical requirements;

2. According to the engineering drawings and system capacity design and manufacture of stents, stent design should not only consider the membrane shell support, but also to ensure that the pipe and pipe network support structure;

3. Check whether the membrane shell to be installed is intact, focusing on the inner surface of the membrane shell and the original / thick water seal surface;

4. The membrane shell installed in the positioning of the saddle to ensure that both ends of the membrane shell has enough to install and unload the membrane element space, the end of the membrane shell of the original /

Note: The membrane shell should be installed as much as possible to avoid stress concentration. In the case of the original / concentrated water end, when the film shell is centered on the bracket.

5. Install the straps, insert the bolts through the mounting holes of the brackets, use the wrenches to screw the bolts into the bundled nuts with a torque of 3 to 5 N.m, which allows the straps to be firmly secured to the saddles On the same time giving the shell enough expansion space;

Note: Please do not tighten the installation of strap bolts, so as not to damage the shell; be sure to leave enough room for expansion of the membrane shell, limiting the expansion of the membrane shell will damage the membrane shell; open Huayu provided only for the membrane shell run Protection and fixed film shell, can not bear the transport process may occur in a variety of loads.

6. Connect the shell shell / thick water pipe;

7. Assembly cover

8. Loading membrane element;

9. Install the thrust ring at the end of the concentrated water;

10. Close the membrane shell;

11. Connecting the water outlet pipe;

12. Inspection, including but not limited to checking the fixed position of the membrane shell, the closure of the membrane shell and the connection of the pipe;

13. Pressurize, start the system.