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Current situation of world softened water technology market

Sep 22, 2017

At present, advanced water management and softened water technology and its development trend include circulating water, boiler water softening and ozonation. For example, circulating water softening technology is rapidly occupying the large-scale facility market, which in the past was mainly based on thermal process equipment. The improvement in handling efficiency and the decline in softened water equipment prices have led to the rapid development of the softened water market over the past five years. Now that softened water technology is no longer a small-scale factory, large softened water treatment plants are commonplace.

According to United Nations statistics, by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population may face water shortages, so water treatment technology will be more and more attention, which includes efficient water management and softened water treatment. For example, in North America, especially in Canada, the problems faced by water management and softened water treatment facilities are very urgent. 63% of the currently running facilities are running overtime, and their average run time has reached 18.3 years. Of which 52% softened water treatment facilities in the extended operation. In the industrial areas of the United States, the demand for softened water equipment is getting higher and higher. Softened water technology is mainly limited to efficiency, and with the rapid development of industry, these limitations are gradually being diluted and ignored.

Many parts of the world are facing severe water scarcity. According to the World Bank statistics, 80% of the world's countries and regions are the lack of civil and industrial softened water. As resource costs continue to rise and environmental awareness gradually increased, many companies began to use green technology, reduce carbon emissions, to minimize waste generation. Which softened water technology is one of the very important green technology.

Around this huge market, Chinese and foreign companies launched a fierce competition. The advantages of foreign companies mainly lies in its advanced technology and financial strength, and local enterprises can make full use of government relations and familiar with the strengths of the Chinese market. The recent financial crisis has had a significant impact on many companies, especially foreign-funded enterprises, but we believe that softened water treatment is still a country that is now strongly supported by the country and benefiting from China's current economic stimulus, softened water The prospect is still promising.

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