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Daily maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment

Sep 22, 2017

1, security filter import and export pressure increase (> 0.15Mpa), you must replace the filter to ensure the normal operation of RO devices. It is recommended that the filter cartridge be inspected and cleaned every three days. Filter replacement cycle depending on the water quality may be.

2, regularly record a variety of RO device operating parameters. Recommendation: Record the operating parameters of the RO unit once every two hours.

3, with the running time increases, the membrane surface will be attached to the sediment, affecting the permeability, it is necessary to regularly clean the RO components. If the pressure of each membrane element in the assembly is found to be greater than 0.1 MPa, the cleaning is to be carried out immediately (cleaning is done by the cleaning system). According to different pollution conditions, targeted treatment measures. Specific cleaning methods see "reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning method."

4, regular inspection and inspection of the conductivity meter and the pressure gauge, so that the normal and accurate work.

5, regularly check the electrical control system regularly to ensure that the equipment is running normally.

6, regularly check the high-pressure pump and RO front pump, according to maintenance manual timely replacement of lubricants.

7, reverse osmosis device downtime maintenance:

   1. The RO unit is temporarily shut down (no more than three days) and must be flushed with a safety filter for 30 minutes every day to ensure that the RO assembly is filled with filtered water.

   2. RO devices such as long-term shutdown (more than three days), should be 1% formaldehyde solution, filled with RO components, and then close all the valves, and check once a month. Summer, control the ambient temperature to mildew, winter antifreeze, if necessary, add 10-20% glycerol.

   3. Save the best water with reverse osmosis fresh water, formaldehyde application of chemical reagents products.

   4. When the reverse osmosis system consisting of the composite membrane is to be suspended for more than one week, the system should be soaked with 1% NaHSO3 solution to prevent bacteria from propagating on the membrane surface.