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Design Technology of Quartz Sand Filter

Sep 25, 2017

First, the working principle of quartz sand filter

      Quartz sand filter is a mechanical filter, the filter built-in quartz sand filter, the water of the sediment, organic matter, ions and other suspended impurities to be intertwined, through the backwash and wash will be cut off the impurities washed away, And then used for recycling, due to the simple operation, low cost, can be reused, interception ability and other characteristics, in the water treatment has been widely used, the following to introduce the quartz sand filter tank design considerations.

     Quartz sand anti-corrosion filter tank with a different size of the filter, from the bottom up by the size of compaction arrangement. When the water flow from top to bottom flow filter layer, the water contained in the suspended material into the upper layer of the formation of micro-porous media, by the adsorption and mechanical blocking effect, suspended solids by the filter layer was retained. At the same time, these trapped suspended objects have occurred between the "overlap" and "bridge" role in the filter layer to form a thin film, continue to filter. This is the so-called filter surface layer of the membrane filtration effect. This film filtration effect is not only the presence of the surface, but also when the water into the middle filter layer also produced this retention effect. Unlike the membrane filtration effect of the surface layer, this intermediate trapping effect is called osmotic filtration.

Second, the quartz sand filter design considerations

    Quartz sand filter tank material, generally have stainless steel 304, carbon steel material, the general industrial wastewater and other carbon steel material, lined with rubber treatment, and thus reduce the cost of the filter tank and durable, and food water, tap water And other requirements of high, the general use of stainless steel 304 material, we generally do not recommend the use of fiberglass material, mainly fiberglass without inlet and outlet, installation and its inconvenience, refueling more inconvenient, and easy aging damage, the basic one-time use.