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Do you know the cleaning method of pure water equipment piping?

Sep 29, 2017

As people's living standards improve, pure water equipment in our lives is now essential things, with the water pollution intensified, pure water equipment industry also will be developed. However, pure water equipment and other equipment, the cleaning of the pipeline can not be sloppy, or only counterproductive. Xiaobian below to tell you about the pure water equipment pipeline cleaning method.

1, first of all, the cleaning pipeline must use pure water equipment, water, that is, pure water. Can not simply use tap water or well water to clean it, the cleaning process must first a tank and a pump connection, and then need to clean the pipeline connection to form a circulation path, the injection tank will be a certain The number of pure water at room temperature, with a pump to be recycled, fifteen minutes after the unscrew the drain valve, while the side of the discharge cycle, the cleaning process can be measured using a flow meter.

2, with pure water after cleaning, and then diluted hydrogen peroxide net sodium solvent instead of pure water, continue to cycle for half an hour.

3, and finally, with pure water at room temperature instead of sodium hydroxide, once again on the pipeline rinse, to avoid the pipeline memory of sodium hydroxide and sodium residual damage to the pipeline.

The above is the pure water equipment pipeline cleaning method, and learned the pipeline cleaning can improve the efficiency of pure water equipment and extend the service life.