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Fire Water Tank

Apr 11, 2017

1, Tank Steel, is the use of international slot steel welded into mesh, remove rust after the paint with epoxy resin brush, good anti-corrosion treatment.

2, the bottom plate of the tank is also under pressure very evenly, can play a good conduction pressure, so generally will not deform.

3, the stainless steel trough setting will let the water in the water tank dew concentration then flow to the drainage of the place, so it is good to keep the groove steel is not damp, do not rust.

4, the side plate of the tank is made like a trapezoid, not only can improve the strength of the plate, and the inner wall is not prominent, very smooth, if you want to wash, it is very relaxed, and also very beautiful.

5, the roof of the tank is folded into angular shape, the same can improve the strength of the board, and also have easy to clean, not water, with beautiful appearance and so on.

6, the ventilation holes in the installation of filter cotton, can prevent the air inside the dust and other polluted water quality.

7, the water tank design good, but in the final installation of the water supply facilities according to the specifications of the installation.