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Five major errors when buy water treatment equipment ? (1)

Sep 22, 2017

Water purifier because once in the 90s of last century rage, and now China's water purification market has been in a period of rapid development, the market a variety of water treatment equipment also came into being at the same time people will set off to buy water treatment Equipment boom. In addition to purchase in addition to economic, practical, there are five major errors.


One of the misunderstandings: purified water = saving water.


Can water purification improve water use? actually not. To pure water machine, for example, the use of water accounted for only a quarter of total water, resulting in a great waste of water resources. Although the majority of water can now be installed to achieve the use of drainage, but sometimes because the kitchen and the bathroom is too far away and other hard conditions are limited, or will cause a large number of drainage directly into the waterway waste; and water machine waste Will be relatively small, water utilization rate of 90%, the remaining 10% of the water can be used for kitchen washing and other needs, and to avoid the inconvenience between the kitchen and tubing restrictions.


Misunderstanding 2: softened water = direct drinking water.


Softened water can meet the daily requirements of domestic water, but can not drink directly. Because the soft water machine is the use of sodium ions instead of the original calcium and magnesium ions in water. Elevated sodium ions in the water will have a negative impact on hypertensive patients, not only soft water can not drink, even after the softening of the water can not drink, it is recommended with a reverse osmosis water machine, remove the water in the soft water after drinking The


Misunderstanding 3: frequent change filter = water quality pure


Only the filter to replace the product, and can not guarantee its inner wall of the shell, the water pipe is not secondary pollution, that different water purification filter replacement cycle is not the same, the lower cost of PP cotton to be replaced once a month, activated carbon was Three months; and in addition to replace the filter, but also on the water pipes and other parts of the cleaning and disinfection, or by the water treatment equipment caused by pollution than the water is not much larger.