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Five major errors when buy water treatment equipment ? (2)

Sep 22, 2017

Misunderstanding 4: water purification function = health function


Some manufacturers of exaggerated water purification products claim that their products not only have health care function, but also treat a variety of diseases, such as can produce "high energy activation of healthy water", with "lower blood pressure, blood sugar, improve high blood lipids" role Wait. Industry experts pointed out: water purification equipment is to do subtraction, from the tap water we do not need to remove the material, rather than as many small companies to promote the so-called high-tech water.


Misunderstanding 5: pure water = healthy water


Although the pure water machine is currently the highest safety products, but a long time drinking will be detrimental to health, its flaw is that pure water can filter any ions in the water, long-term drinking may cause harm to the elderly and children. Completely pure water for the elderly inner wall of the cardiovascular damage, increased the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. The child is to inhibit the growth of digestive enzymes in the body, long-term consumption will lead to decline in nutritional status of children.


In order to ensure that the family can be healthy drinking water, equipment purchase is essential. A complete set of water treatment equipment to buy the process, not just in the purchase of products, but also a time in the harvest of water purification expertise and experience!