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Four filter types

Sep 25, 2017

The filter is an indispensable device on the conveyor medium and is usually installed at the inlet end of a relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other device to eliminate impurities in the medium to protect the valves and equipment from normal use. When the fluid into a filter with a certain size of the filter, the impurities are blocked, and clean the filtrate from the filter outlet, when the need for cleaning, as long as the removable cartridge removed, re-installed after processing that Can, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

Filter Type 1: According to the filter medium is divided into

1, air filter. So that the pollution of the air is clean to production, life needs of the state, that is, to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness of the air.

2, liquid filter. So that contaminated liquid is clean to the production, life needs of the state, that is, so that the liquid to a certain degree of cleanliness.

3, the network filter. Through the settings to block spam, so that the information on the computer screen as much as possible to meet the requirements. With the principle of absorption will be different colors of light separation.

4, light filter. To absorb some unwanted light.

Filter type two: according to the installation method is divided into

1, oil filter

2, back to the oil filter

3, the pipeline filter

Filter type three: according to performance is divided into

1, the pipeline filter

2, double tube filter

3, high pressure filter

In fact, there are many kinds of filters, in fact, there are many kinds of filters, such as laminated filter, sand filter, carbon filter, etc., the main principle is to use the filter medium pore size retention medium pore size smaller material, Of course, some filter media also has a special effect such as adsorption. Most of the filter backwash is not so much trouble, as long as the use of water from the end of the filter into the reverse backwash filter medium can achieve a good backwash effect.

Filter type four: according to industry divided into

1, hydraulic oil filter: mainly used in the oil filter industry, including oil filter, oil filter, pipe filters and so on.

2, food filter: dust filter, air filter, junior high efficiency filter.

3, medical filter: liquid filter, breathing filter, blood filter, bacterial filter.

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