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High flow cartridge filter housing

Sep 26, 2017

  Cartridge filter, also known as security filter, microporous membrane filter, cleaning filter, collectively referred to as filter-type filter, used in different locations, there are different known for quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter Often used as a precision filter for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis before known as a safety filter for the end filter called microporous membrane filter for cleaning reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane called In order to clean the filter, in fact, the same structure, are a filter tank containing precision filter, I would like to introduce a large flow of precision filter.

       The conventional filter has a melt-blown filter, wirewound filter, folding filter, the outer diameter of about 60mm, the center hole in the 30mm or so, the water flow every 10 inches design flow of 0.5 tons / hour, when the water is not used as a good, Suspended matter in many cases, then it is necessary to design a margin, you can design every 0.25 inches of 0.25 tons, this is to see the specific situation.

       Today, I said is a high flow filter, diameter of 152mm, imitation of the United States pall filter, the design flow can reach 30 tons / hour, the specific water quality is poor, you can reach more than 15 tons, simple structure, as long as the filter inside the upper A flower board, flower board inside the filter basket fixed basket, like a bag filter, the filter in the basket, to prevent the filter explode, the accuracy range of 0.22 microns -200 microns.

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