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How does deionized water ion exchange?

Sep 22, 2017

Deionized water ion exchange process, you can use H + resin for water Na + exchange, for example, the deionized water ion exchange process is divided into five steps.

1, the water Na + gradually spread to the surface of the resin particles at the boundary of the water film, this step is called the membrane diffusion.

2, Na + into the resin particles within the cross-linked mesh, and diffusion, this step is called internal diffusion.

3, Na + is contacted with the exchange group in the resin and is ion-exchanged with the exchangeable H + on the exchange group.

4, the replaced H + is diffused from the cross-linked mesh inside the resin particles toward the surface of the resin.

5, H + is further diffused to the boundary film of the surface of the resin particles and enters the aqueous solution.

It can be seen that the rate of the entire deionization process depends on the diffusion rate of Na +, H +. Therefore, to make the deionization process proceed quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to try to accelerate the exchange and exchange of ions to be exchanged.