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How does the EDI desalination process take place?

Sep 22, 2017

EDI desalination process is as follows: 1, under the action of the external electric field, the electrolyte in the water through the ion exchange membrane (yin, yang film) for selective migration of the electrodialysis process; 2, yin and yang mixed ion exchange agent OH- and H + The ion exchange process of electrolyte ions in the water accelerates the removal of ions from the fresh water chamber. 3, electrodialysis of the planning process, this process can not only ensure high-quality pure water, but also to achieve the ion exchange agent self-regeneration.

Electrodialysis and mixed ion exchange, the combination of the two with the electrical deionization process, both the use of ion exchange depth of desalination to overcome the electrodialysis process due to the concentration of polarization and desalination is not complete, but also the use of electrodialysis Ionization, ionization, and ionization of the ion exchange resin, which overcomes the shortcomings of the regeneration of the ion exchange resin, usually requires the regeneration of the chemical regenerant, so that the EDI can substantially remove all the ions in the water , For the preparation of pure water, ultra-pure water to create the conditions.