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How much water treatment equipment affects our lives

Sep 28, 2017

China's water resources is particularly lacking, water resources and water crisis has become a major constraint to socio-economic development. The application of water treatment equipment is a trend of human progress, but also the needs of water in today's society. Specifically look at the water treatment equipment in the end with what aspects of life:


(1) living facilities: all kinds of water as the main medium of the boiler, central air conditioning, heat transfer system, home central air conditioning, wall boilers and so on.


(2) industrial general equipment: air compressor, refrigerator, heat exchanger, cooler, etc.,


(3) special industry applications: direct drinking water, food, pharmaceutical, alcohol and other industries water purification equipment, anti-scaling, magnetization, sterilization and algae to establish an environment-friendly hydropower construction system.


(4) pollution of water treatment for the protection of our survival of the earth is a great protection.

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