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How to determine where the reverse osmosis equipment failure(1)

Sep 29, 2017

Reverse osmosis equipment can now be used to penetrate into all walks of life, the use of very broad, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment produced by the use of concentrated water raw water by the first filter filter, reverse osmosis membrane fine filter into the product water pipe network System, for the use of departments to use; and reverse osmosis membrane of concentrated water (high ion concentration of water) is pooled into the water pipe network system, directly into the factory sewer, the sewage treatment station, discharged into the plant outside Urban underground pipe network, which not only caused a lot of water waste, but also increased the cost of sewage treatment. Reverse osmosis equipment using advanced single-stage low pressure reverse osmosis technology for the purification of tap water, combined with well-designed filter tank adsorption system can effectively remove the water bacteria, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances, but also to remove water in the chloroform, Carcinogenic substances. Reverse osmosis equipment prepared by the pure water conductivity less than 30us / cm, to meet the national standards requirements.


Failure Analysis of Reverse Osmosis Equipment

When the reverse osmosis equipment desalination rate and water production began to decline, it represents the system is running unstable, began to fail, which is one of the most common reverse osmosis equipment failure. This may be due to dirt or scale caused by the appropriate cleaning can be carried out. If the desalination rate and the amount of water produced are abruptly reduced and the magnitude of the reduction is particularly large, it may be due to improper operation. If a problem occurs, you need to quickly resolve, so as not to delay the maintenance of the best period. Reverse osmosis equipment caused a lot of reasons for this failure, the need for analysis, investigation, and ultimately solve the problem.

Reverse osmosis equipment troubleshooting the main measures