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How to disassemble the secondary reverse osmosis membrane shell interface?

Sep 22, 2017

Home machine for film steps are as follows:

First turn off the inlet ball valve, turn off the pressure tank ball valve.

And then open the gooseneck faucet, wait a moment and other machines to start and work until it (due to water) automatically shut down. (At this time some machines will automatically alarm, do not bother) then turn off the power.

Open the machine shell, find the RO membrane inlet side, disconnect the inlet pipe interface, unscrew the membrane shell cover, remove the old RO membrane (this step should pay special attention not to damage the inner tube in the membrane shell, Internal damage part of the clean) and clean, clean the membrane shell dirt.

Apply the new film to the inside of the RO membrane (with two black sealed apron ends) coated with Vaseline and then gently into the membrane shell and push it until it is confirmed to push it in the end, tight.

Connect the water inlet of the membrane.

At this time for the film is basically completed, do not rush to install the machine shell, first open the machine water ball valve, wait a moment to start the machine to check the work of the parts are normal, with or without water leakage, normal.

If not properly installed on the shell, put the machine to open the pressure tank ball valve, to restore the original installation state, the normal use can be.

After the machine for the first film produced by the first tank of water as far as possible let go not drink. If the conditions can be in the second tank or a few days later with a test pen to test whether the TDS value in the normal range.

If the machine is normal in all aspects of the film that is completed.