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How to prevent the cleaning company randomly discharge sewage?

Sep 22, 2017

Now the amount of sewage in the society is gradually increasing, and many enterprises' effluent will be discharged without any treatment, which seriously affects our living environment and quality. This requires us to use sewage treatment equipment to deal with it. So how to deal with it?

According to the relevant news reports, a region of a cleaning company often exudes odor, and no sewage facilities, there is the phenomenon of sewage chaos. September 3 through the relevant personnel to verify and investigate the site for effective treatment.

After investigation, the company has handled the construction project environmental impact assessment registration form for the record procedures, and built a grease trap and a waste water storage tank, cleaning equipment installed on the four grille and two water separator, the scene did not smell Smell. Because the company's wastewater storage tank surface hardening and mechanical can not enter, the waste water storage tank temporarily unable to open, at present, the functional departments have decided to take artificial open storage of waste water pool approach to identify the whereabouts of wastewater discharge, such as the discovery of illegal acts immediately for investigation.

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