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How to reduce the replacement period of the security filter cartridge?

Sep 26, 2017

Security filter filter replacement frequently the general reasons are:

(1) raw water quality is unstable, frequent fluctuations, resulting in too much particulate matter into the filter, resulting in shortened cycle;

(2) pretreatment effect is poor, pretreatment plus flocculants, scale inhibitors are not compatible with each other or with the water does not match the formation of sticky material attached to the filter surface, resulting in effective filter filter area, resulting in filter replacement frequently;

(3) filter quality is not good, poor quality inside and outside the filter diameter is basically the same, in fact, only the outer layer from the interception, and good filter filter pore size is reduced from the outside to the progressive, the innermost filter accuracy of 5 ± 0.5 μm, large amount of pollutants, with a long time to ensure that the water quality qualified.

Extend the filter cycle of the use of measures:

(1) water is generally a fixed water, can not easily change;

(2) to improve the pretreatment operation effect, optimize the flocculant and coagulant dosage, select the water for the scale inhibitor, adjust the pretreatment equipment to achieve the best operating conditions, in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that pretreatment effluent quality qualified;

(3) the use of quality assurance brand filter, both to extend the filter life cycle, but also to ensure that the safety of the filter water quality. Such as the GEOsmonics filter, with a filtration accuracy of 5 ± 0.5μm, the GEOsmonics new Purtrex filter with Z.Plex technology redefines all previous RO pretreatment performance and filter construction standards. Z.Plex technology uses short diameter meltblown filter, wide spacing and a three-dimensional fiber matrix Purtrex filter is particularly suitable for water treatment applications, because the water treatment applications in small sediment particles easily lead to reverse osmosis equipment fouling. This filter in the retention of water in the dirt unmatched, lower pressure loss, the service life than most of the same type of filter longer. In the filter without load shell, fiber and three-dimensional mesh to form a variety of pores, can effectively capture impurities. In the next filter layer, Z.Plex technology unique fiber structure in the number of small pores more and more until the filter center, can maximize the filter life and sludge removal efficiency.

For precise micron-level filtration, the inner core is the last layer of the filter layer. The inner core is a hot-melt bonded structure with unmatched integrity, downstream cleanliness and rigidity without the need for a support core. Likewise, the extremely strong adhesion of the adhesive coating is very smooth, can prevent loose fiber movement, which for the high purity of the application is critical.