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How to select the water treatment cartridge filter housing?(1)

Sep 23, 2017

 Cartridge filters are used to filter small substances, often used for secondary filtration to ensure the accuracy of the filter water quality. Security filter filter material mainly sintered filter, melt-blown fiber filter and honeycomb filter, etc., can meet the needs of different fluid filtration. For the high requirements of filtering, the security filter is produced, and the biggest difference between the security filter and the general filter is that the filter strength is large. So how to choose the security filter for water treatment equipment?

    1, the use of a wide range of filters, filter varieties, specifications are more, choose the model is very important.

    Filter according to the use of points, there are two kinds of liquid and gas filter, the size of the general size of 10 inches can be a 5 inches, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, the working pressure is generally 0.1MPa-0.4 MPa flow , Because you choose the aperture is different, the flow is different, such as 0.2μm-0.45μm filter water standard about 300-500KG, if you want to filter the amount per hour to large, you can use multi-core and 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches The If you want to filter 5 tons, hours of sterile water, you can use 0.2μm, 7-core, 30-inch filter in the selection, please use a little larger, especially filter impurities, viscosity. The gas filter is different from the liquid filter. The amount of the filter is calculated by how much M gas per hour. Generally, the 10-inch filter is at a pressure of 0.12 MPa and the pressure is 0.01 MPa. The flow rate is 4-6 standard cubic meters. Fermentation industry is widely used.

    2, you want to filter the quality is good, to meet the requirements you need, the key is to select the appropriate filter, the choice of pore size should be appropriate, such as sterilization is selected 0.2μm-0.45μm pore size filter, medicinal injection, antibiotics, blood Such as liquor, rice wine, wine, oral liquid, optional 1-5μm filter, filter high temperature gas and fermentation (if used to use polysulfone filter, if you want to remove the particles in the liquid, microbes and bacteria larger than the particles, Disinfectant gas to use PTFE filter, but the general gas filter can choose 0.2μm polypropylene, cheap.