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How to select the water treatment cartridge filter housing?(2)

Sep 23, 2017

  3, stainless steel filter, which is equipped with different diameter of the filter, to achieve the purpose of fine filter, to be combined, pre-use must be coarse filter equipment, raw beer with diatomaceous earth, cardboard filter with microporous membrane terminal filter. If the drug with the plate frame, sand bar, wire wound, and then use the microporous membrane filter, so that can achieve the terminal filter. Now, most of the filter has been used coarse filter, polypropylene 3-6μm to replace the plate frame, sand bar, wire wound and other backward filter equipment.

    4, the general production of mineral water, medicinal sterile water, electronic industry, integrated circuit water, food industry with high-quality water, cylindrical microporous filter, as an independent filtration system, it can be anti-washing, stable production, Cost of production.

    5, in addition to choose high-quality filter, stainless steel processing is fine, both inside and outside the smooth, special socket, 222,226, flat mouth and other three forms are international common, do not make mistakes, or can not be used, or because of rough processing , Plug in to not seal, can not achieve the filtering effect.

    In the use of stainless steel shell should pay attention to whether the filter liquid on the corrosion of stainless steel, should not be used to paint resin stainless steel filter or plastic filter.


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