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Inspection rules

Apr 11, 2017

1 products separated factory inspection and type inspection.

2 Factory inspection.

3 each product after the factory inspection qualified can factory, and should attach the product quality certification.

4 The Factory inspection project is the 4.2~4.5 of this standard.

5 Type Test

6 type test occurs in one of the following cases:

A new product trial, the old product conversion;

b when the product's structure, production process, materials have significant changes;

c Normal production of products at least once every year;

(d) Production of more than one year in reproduction;

(e) When the National Quality Supervisory Authority is requested.

6.3.2 type test in the factory qualified products at each sampling 2, according to the standard of all the project test, if there is a non-conforming to the standard of the double sampling (health indicators can not be retest), if there is still not meet this standard of the batch of products awarded unqualified.