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Installation method of stainless steel sterile water tank

Sep 22, 2017

After the installation of stainless steel tank, or we need to maintain, so that the tank life longer, more clean water. The following are ways to teach you how to clean the tank.

installation method:

    1, this series of water tanks can be generally placed in the roof. 2T below the water tank without a separate basis, 3T above the vertical water tank production basis, the water tank in place by the size of the joint hole can be used to take over. On the vertical (flat) water tank, can be covered with a layer of sand at the bottom, so that even base contact. Horizontal water tank and less than 3T vertical water tank are with a tripod, the installation must be the tripod pad flat.

    2, the sewage outfall as a clean up the dirt, can be connected to sewage, can also be fitted with thread plug on the ground sewage, according to the user according to the situation.

    3, overflow for the tank exhaust and float valve failure when the use of water, can be connected to sewage, but also allow it to drain on the ground.

    4, vertical (flat bottom) water tank, the bottom edge with a hole flange, the installation can be used to tighten the wire with the wall or fixed on a separate basis to expand the expansion screw.

    5, float valve should be regular (usually 1 to 3 months) to check, if found to be timely maintenance failure.


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