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Installation steps for pure water production equipment

Sep 22, 2017

1, we first put the pure water host and pure water equipment pre-processor placed closer to us from the water source and power closer to the place, so easy to use in the future.

    2, and then in the pure water equipment installed quartz sand, activated carbon, softening resin and other filter-based filter material.

    3, and then connected to the water: pure water equipment, the original water pump inlet and water for detailed connection, pre-filter outlet and host the import connection, pre-processor, the host outlet are connected to the sewer pipeline.

    4, the circuit: the problem of this line is the need to connect the ground, which is our electrical equipment must be done on the one hand, and the random distribution of power lines connected to the room electric control box.

    5, pure water equipment and then access to water, power, and then in accordance with our "pretreatment instructions" to step by step operation, so that our pretreatment debugging operation is completed.

    6, the use of pure water equipment, open the original pump switch, and then dial in the automatic location of the place, and the rotation of the switch off. And then connected to our equipment, water, power, to be multi-stage pump pressure to the pressure controller set value, our equipment, multi-stage pump began to work. Pure water multi-stage pump after the start, pure water equipment system pressure in the 1.0-1.2Mpa.

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