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Instructions of bag filter housing(1)

Sep 27, 2017

First, the product profile

Bag filter system principle

Bag filter is a new type of filtration system, the filter inside the metal mesh by supporting the filter bag, the liquid flow from the entrance, filtered by the filter bag after the outflow of impurities were intercepted in the filter bag, as shown in the right Show. The filter bag can be replaced or cleaned

Continue to use.

Second, the installation

Ready to warn: After opening the lid, the falling lid will hurt.

1, first of all, please confirm the installation of bag filtration system required

Of the accessories are already ready:

    ① bag filter main body ② Ο type ring

③ metal inside the network ④ filter bag ⑤ pressure gauge two (optional)

2, check Ο type seal and filter on the Ο type slot, if the Ο-type ring deformation, there are scratches or rupture, or Ο-type seal joints have problems, please replace the new accessories.

When installing and installing, follow these steps:

1, the bag filter placed in the need to filter the station, connecting the import and export flange or tube, to be fixed; boring plug exhaust, or configure the exhaust valve. Jacketed connection heat source.

2, the metal net gently into the bag filter, so that the net collar and bag filter mouth anastomosis.

3, put the filter bag, so that the mouth of the filter bag and metal mesh collar anastomosis. Note: If you are using a sewing bag, please put the bag edge of the bag after folding, you can improve the filter bag filter effect.

4, the Ο type seal into the Ο type groove, Ο type seal can not be twisted or deformed, multi-bag filter button on the bag pressure ring.

5, one hand holding the cover handle, one hand to seize the other end of the cover (multi-bag filter turn the top hand wheel), the cover against the bag filter mouth, slowly put down, naturally flat pressure on the type Circle and filter bag ring mouth.

6, after the alignment of the cover, while tightening the diagonal of the two hats, all the hats one by one tightening (with a short stick into the rings twist).

7. Close the exhaust valve installed at the top of the bag filter.

8, please check the connection pipe is solid; work pressure is within the allowable range.

9, open the output valve. Open the heat source into the valve, so that the filter temperature rose to the specified temperature.

10, long open the input valve, so that the liquid slowly into and fill the filter, to prevent the liquid suddenly impact filter bag, causing rupture, and then observe whether the leak. If there is no leak, you can start filtering.