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Instructions of bag filter housing(2)

Sep 27, 2017

Second, daily use and maintenance

One, daily use

Work in the filtration system to always check the import and export pressure difference, when the pressure difference to 0.05-0.1Mpa, should be promptly replaced filter bag, so as to avoid the pressure of the filter bag rupture and support network damage.

Second, the correct open filter after the filter cover

WARNING: Do not open the lid with pressure in the bag filter, otherwise the remaining liquid may be ejected and cause liquid loss and personal injury.

So please strictly follow the following sequence:

1, closed input valve; outlet pressure, close the output valve.

2, to confirm the exhaust valve access to the pipeline has been received after the safety or suction port (in the filter toxic and corrosive liquid, especially note), and then open the exhaust valve to prevent the liquid on the staff and the surrounding environment damage and Pollution.

3, check the pressure gauge to determine the internal pressure is 0, then the bag filter should be separated from the pipeline system.

4, a drain valve, to confirm the discharge liquid received recovery, open the drain valve; to the bag filter in the remaining liquid flow through the drain valve, close the drain valve. This discharge can be done in a pressurized manner (please refer to the pressurized discharge process).

5, unscrew the cover cap, lift the cover, multi-bag filter to turn a certain angle.

Third, replace the filter bag

1, high efficiency filter bag is made of fine fibers, these materials are weak hydrophilic. The surface of the fiber will not be wet with water, so as the other materials using the same filter, before use, have to use other low surface tension of the liquid it moist. Before installation, you must immerse the filter bag in a pre-wetting solution that matches the filter fluid for several minutes.

2, open the bag filter cover.

3, will be stable on the cover, the filter bag carefully removed.

4, into the new filter bag, please refer to the installation process.