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Instructions of bag filter housing(3)

Sep 27, 2017

Fourth, monitor the quality of filtration

In the case of stable liquid input pressure, the filter quality is closely related to the pressure difference in the filter bag. If the pressure difference is too large, the filter pore size of the filter bag is blocked and the filtration rate is reduced. Therefore, we recommend that when the bag filter began to work, should regularly check the pressure, through the pressure gauge before and after the pressure difference to determine the time to replace the filter bag, the general filter bag can withstand the pressure of 0.5-1Kg / cm2 (0.05 -0.1Mpa) or so, when the pressure reaches this range, it should promptly replace the filter bag to avoid bag cracking, affecting the filter effect.

If the pressure drops abruptly, immediately stop filtering and check for leaks.

Fifth, pressurized discharge of residual liquid

In the filtration of high viscosity liquid, you can pass through the exhaust valve compressed air to accelerate the remaining liquid discharge, shorten the waiting time. The device is shown in the figure. Please note: the air used for pressurized discharge must be stable, the pressure should not exceed the filter working pressure.


The steps are as follows:

1. Close the input valve.

2. Open the intake valve.

3. The gas is introduced into the bag filter, and the pressure is exhausted.

4. Check the outlet pressure gauge to confirm that the gauge pressure is equal to the compressed air pressure. Verify that the outlet has no liquid outflow.

5. Close the intake valve.

6. Slowly open the exhaust valve; exhaust valve outlet has a residue spray, must be led to the safety or filter suction port.

7. After the compressed air is exhausted, close the exhaust valve. At this point the filter should be no pressure inside, you can open the lid.

Six, cleaning bag filter

Bag filter If you continue to filter the same liquid, you do not need to clean. However, if you filter other kinds of liquid, you need to clean the machine before use.

7, Ο type seal maintenance and replacement