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Instructions of bag filter housing(4)

Sep 27, 2017

Maintenance: When used Ο-type seals to align the Ο-type slot into, to avoid improper squeeze caused Ο type dense

Ring deformation; not filter, Ο type seal must be removed wipe clean, otherwise the residue after solidification attached to its

Surface, resulting in hardening, poor sealing.

   Replacement: If the Ο type seal is aged or damaged, please replace it in time. Replace the same type of Ο type seal.

Special statement: 1, under normal use, the filter and support network warranty for one year, such as due to improper use of damage caused by no warranty.

          2, the standard bag filter maximum design pressure of 1.0Mpa, the recommended maximum working pressure of 0.5Mpa except for special specifications.

          3, bag jacket filter jacket maximum design pressure of 1.0Mpa, the maximum push recommended working pressure of 0.6Mpa.

          4, multi-bag filter design pressure of 1.0Mpa, the maximum recommended working pressure of 0.6Mpa.

4 When sterilizing the filter element, first open the inlet valve, allow the steam to enter the housing, and then open the drain valve to drain the condensate in the steam line. Wait for the row of condensate, and then shut the sewage valve.

5 while closing the sewage valve at the same time, slowly open the downstream outlet valve, until fully open, began to disinfect the filter;

6 When steaming the filter, it must be noted that the steam pressure should not exceed 0.1MPa. At the same time the filter on the downstream of the steam pressure drop not more than 0.015MPa, if the wet state of the filter for steam sterilization, before passing into the steam should be clean with compressed air to filter the liquid absorbed by the filter, or access to steam Will damage the filter.

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