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Instructions of cartridge filter housing(3)

Sep 27, 2017

Six, installation instructions

1, thoroughly clean the filter housing.

2, the net shell import and export and filtration system connected to the pipeline, pay attention to the direction of the connection to ensure that the filter for the outside of the water, the inside of the water state.

        3, the filter opening of the plastic bag at one end open, check the O-ring is intact, in place.

4, moisten the O-ring and the cartridge holder with a suitable wetting agent (eg water).

5, holding the filter near the end of the O-ring, the vertical filter socket will be fully inserted into the filter socket.

6, all the filter plug is inserted, remove the filter bag, and then buckle the pressure plate fixed, and then the metal shell installed.

7. Open the bleed valve on the top of the housing.

    8, slightly open the inlet valve, so that the liquid into the shell until the liquid from the top of the shell release valve benefits, then close the release valve.

9, slowly adjust the opening of the downstream outlet valve until fully open.

10, slowly adjust the opening of the inlet valve, until fully open the filter at this time, the pressure drop between the downstream 0.02Mpa (to determine the initial pressure drop under the flow).


Seven, operating instructions

Precision filter manual operation. In the desalination plant system operating procedures, the "operating instructions" shall prevail.

The routine operation is as follows:

    1. Open the inlet valve, exhaust valve, to be filled with water when the device, open the water valve, close the exhaust valve, adjust the working flow, that is, into the water conditions.

    2. Equipment operation cycle, usually monitored by the pressure gauge, generally allowed to enter and exit the maximum pressure drop shall not be greater than 0.15Mpa. When the pressure gauge alarm, you should turn off the equipment into the water valve, ready to replace the filter.

    3. Open the exhaust valve, sewage valve, put the valve, the device will be put into the water after the timely replacement of the filter.

    Precautions for use:

1, the operation should prevent the impact of pressure, prohibit reverse pressure.

2, when the filter, the pressure drop between the downstream is greater than 0.3Mpa or flow decreased significantly, should consider replacing the filter.

3, if the filter does not work, do not dry the filter, but should be soaked in the appropriate sterilization solution (or injection of such a solution in the shell), re-use before the sterilization solution should be washed clean.

4, if the steam sterilization of the filter, you must first drain the steam pipe in the condensate, the steam pressure should not exceed 0.1Mpa, while the filter between the downstream pressure drop not more than 0.015Mpa, if the wet Of the filter for steam sterilization, through the steam should be used before the first clean air to filter the suction of the liquid drain, or access to steam will damage the filter

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