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Instructions of cartridge filter housing(4)

Sep 27, 2017

Eight, the filter replacement method

    1. Shut down and remove the manhole cover.

    2. Unscrew the filter nut, remove the pressure plate to remove the filter, the water inside the equipment rinse.

    3. Remove the upper and lower alignment of the filter at both ends of the filter with water to clean, and then inserted into the new filter at both ends. (The new filter in use before the filter must be soaked about half an hour, so that it is in a wet state)

    4. Insert one end of the new filter ribbon under the retaining ring into the hole in the perforated plate.

    5. With the lever as the axis, set the pressure plate, the filter on the upper positioning ring into the corresponding pressure plate hole, tighten the compression nut.

    6. After the filter is installed, install the manhole cover, start the water.

    7. Open the inlet valve, exhaust valve, to be filled with water when the device, open the release valve, close the exhaust valve, observe the net mouth of the water, to be no white foam before the water can be put into normal operation.

    Note: honeycomb filter used in the fiber filter in the processing, adding organic lubricant, the new filter installed water will appear after a small amount of foam, so before the official put into operation, the new filter must be washed.

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