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Introduction of high flow filter housing

Apr 08, 2019

Introduction of high flow filter housing

High Flow Series Filter Housings are 33% to 50% smaller than competitively sized housings for a given flow rate Robust cartridge center-post design eliminates bulky support plates providing easy access to housing internals Hinged cover (horizontal units) or user-friendly cover lifting device (vertical units) for easy element change-outs


Our high flow series filter housings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate from 1 to 7 filter elements in both 40-inch and 60-inch lengths. Choose the horizontal option to maximize ease of operation, or the vertical to minimize the system's footprint.


Our housings are designed with features that make them easy to use and streamline processes. Spend less time cleaning thanks to removable cartridge posts that lift out for easy cleaning, which helps maintain cleaner systems and longer product life. To help ensure against bypass, leaks, and maintain system pressure, shouldered seal plates fit solidly into the cartridge core for a positive cartridge seal. Housing drains for both sludge and clean chambers feature drain couplings for easy draining. An air vent facilitates effective venting before start up or draining.