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Introduction of single bag filter housing

Sep 26, 2017

The single-bag filter adopts the side-bottoming way to press the filter medium into the filter barrel through the pressure in the pipeline. The liquid medium to be filtered is supported by the stainless steel plate to support the filter bag Filtration, resulting in an ideal solid-liquid separation to achieve the effect of liquid media being filtered. As the liquid medium into the filter after the flow from the top of the bag, making the liquid can be evenly distributed in the filter bag filter surface, so that the entire level of the fluid distribution is basically the same, the negative impact of turbulence, filter effect. In the case of

Single bag filter inside the metal mesh by supporting the filter bag, the liquid flow from the entrance, filtered by the filter bag after the outflow, impurities are blocked in the filter bag, filter bag can be replaced after use. Wanson bag filter is mainly based on deep filtration, surface filtration, adsorption filtration and other three filter principle, with accurate, efficient and stable features. In the case of

Single bag filter is a pressure filter device, mainly filter tube, filter cover and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforced mesh and other major components, the filtrate from the filter shell side of the inlet pipe into the filter bag , The filter bag itself is the device in the strengthening of the basket, the liquid through the required level of the grade of the filter bag that can get a qualified filtrate, impurity particles are blocked filter bag. The machine is easy to replace the filter bag, the basic filter without material consumption.

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