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Level gauge

Apr 11, 2017

Glass level gauges should be installed on the side walls of the tank for the local indication of the water level. 2 or more level gauges can be mounted up or down when the level gauge is insufficient. The overlapping portion of the adjacent 2 liquid level gauge should not be less than 70 mm, as shown in Fig. 2-22. If the water tank is not installed in the timing signal, the signal tube can be set to give the overflow signal. The signal tube is usually arranged from the side wall of the tank, and its setting height should be made to the bottom of the pipe and overflow tube or trumpet overflow surface. Pipe diameter is generally used DNL5 signal tube can be connected to a frequent person in the room on duty wash basins, wash basin and so on. If the water tank level with the water pump chain, the water tank side walls or top cover installed liquid level relay or signal device, commonly used liquid level relay or signal has float ball type, rod type, capacitance and float type.

Water pump pressure water tank high and low Bathen water level should be considered to maintain a certain safety volume, the instantaneous pump stop the highest electrical control level should be below the overflow water level 100 mm, while the open pump instantaneous the lowest level of electrical control should be higher than the design of the lowest level 20mm, lest the error caused overflow or emptying