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Mechanical filter water treatment equipment(1)

Sep 25, 2017

First, the mechanical filter product introduction

    Mechanical filter, also known as quartz sand filter, the material is carbon steel and stainless steel, mechanical filters and dosing devices, activated carbon filter, bag filter, precision filter supporting the use of environmental protection is clear, sewage depth Processing the earliest and most common one. Quartz sand filtration is the most effective means of removing suspended solids in water. It is an important unit of sewage treatment, sewage reuse and water treatment. Its role is to remove the contaminants that have been flocculated in water. It is trapped by sedimentation and settling And the adsorption effect, to achieve the purpose of water.

Second, the mechanical filter features:

    The equipment structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance, operation can achieve automatic control, filtering efficiency, resistance, processing flow, backwashing less. Widely used in pure water, food and beverage water, mineral water and electronics, printing and dyeing, paper, chemical industry, the pretreatment of water quality and industrial wastewater after the second filter. It is also used for deep filtration of the water reuse system, swimming pool circulating water treatment system. For industrial waste water in the suspended matter also has a good removal effect.

    This type of equipment is a steel pressure filter, can remove the original water suspended solids, mechanical impurities, residual chlorine and color, according to the different filter, mechanical filter is divided into single, double, three filter Fine sand filter; quartz sand filter media is generally a single layer of quartz sand, particle size of 0.8 ~ 1.2mm, filter layer height is usually 1.0 ~ 1.2m. According to the structure is divided into single stream, double flow, vertical, horizontal; according to the requirements of the inner surface corrosion, lined with rubber and non-lined.

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