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Mechanical filter water treatment equipment(2)

Sep 25, 2017

Third, the mechanical filter debugging and installation

1, in the loading of quartz sand, you must carefully check the tightness of the filter cap to ensure that each filter cap is tight before filling the quartz sand;

2, the pressure filter on the basis of the construction of the concrete, the filter should be the location of holes to set holes, and the foundation to achieve the design strength of the filter after the lifting and connecting pipe assembly.

3, the initial operation of the filter should be based on local water quality gradually explore the operation experience to determine the coagulant varieties and dosage, backwash when the opening of the valve and so on.

4, during the operation of the filter, the water turbidity shall not be higher than the design of the specified indicators, according to the design requirements for backwashing, otherwise it will cause the shortening of the operating cycle or the formation of mud within the filter layer, serious impact of water quality.

5, direct filtration, the coagulant should be prepared into a certain concentration, and in front of the mechanical filter plus. Such as activated carbon filters or bag filters, precision filters are generally placed in the front.

6, flushing steps:

a. Flush: close the inlet and intake valve, open the drain valve, according to the design requirements of the rinse strength and rinse time for backwash.

b. to resume operation: close the drain valve, open the inlet valve and release valve, start the pump, the filter to remove all the air, and then close the exhaust valve, the filter is back to normal operation.

7, when several pressure filters run in parallel, the inlet and outlet pipes should be installed on the valve to control.

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