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Media Filter housing and Cartridge filter housing

Sep 26, 2017

Cartridge filter is the name suggests is the filter inside the filter media filter, filter with quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, ceramsite, fiber ball, manganese sand, activated alumina, sponge iron and so on, what media we Collectively known as the filter, such as quartz sand filter, then become a quartz sand filter, packed activated carbon filter into activated carbon filter, if filled with two or more than the filter, we call the multi-media filter, each Filter material and the effect of different effects, such as the typical water treatment with quartz sand filter, that is, quartz sand filter, mainly in the water suspended solids, activated carbon filter to remove organic matter in the water, in addition to decolorization, as well as metal ions Also has the adsorption function, the manganese sand filter mainly removes the iron manganese ion in the water, the sponge iron filter removes the oxygen in the water, also known as the deoxygen filter, the active alumina filter mainly removes the fluorine in the water, also known as the fluoride Filters and so on.

And the filter element is the internal column shape of the filter, such as melt-blown filter, wire wound filter, folding filter, titanium rod filter, stainless steel filter, then the same, if the filter, we call the cartridge filter, filter Filters used in different places, also known as security filters, precision filters, microporous membrane filters, etc., according to the different roles have different names, the same structure, just as the name and filter accuracy is not the same.

Media filter and cartridge filter is different,

1, the structure is not the same.

2, the filter is not the same.

3, the processing accuracy is not the same, filter filter high precision, relatively low precision filter media filter.

4, Cartridge filter generally handle less flow, filter filter flux.


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